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Daniella Santana

China Business Expert

Serial Entrepreneur | China Business Expert
International Trade Consultant | Startup Mentor | LinkedIn Trainer

Daniella is a serial entrepreneur and a China International trade Expert with over 10 years living in China and 13 working with China. She has worked for TOP logistics companies and managed operations in China for OEM/ODM manufacturing projects (purchasing, quality control, sourcing, logistics) for consumer products for European, American and Latin American companies.

Currently, Daniella is

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Dima Anashkin

Ecommerce Entrepreneur, Former Partner at Valuelink

Being a 7-figure seller in Ecommerce with several brands in Japan, Germany and US. He offers a consultation service to amazon sellers, and was also a former partner of ValueLink. Other projects he worked on at ValueLink involve Market Research and Business development.
Meet Dima At Cross Border Matchmaker 2018 in Shenzhen, China

Hey Guys, what's going on? My name is Dima. I'm from

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Michael Michelini

Podcast host and blogger

Mike is the host of the Global From Asia podcast. He deeply enjoys sharing knowledge and connecting hard working, global business owners from around the world.

American social media & E-Commerce & SEO specialist being China since late 2007 a true business connector. He is passionate to help companies do business in China, and help Chinese companies to grow in the overseas market.

Currently building a new e-commerce brand live on

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Wilson Blues

Founder, Banana Works

With over 10 years of export B2C e-commerce experience from China, Wilson Blues is a veteran at the game.

Learning how to build an international e-commerce business from inside Mainland China, Wilson has a unique perspective as a Chinese business owner going global while also understanding the Western mindset and business tactics.
Meet Wilson at the Cross Border Summit 2019 in Guangzhou, China

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Meir Simhi

CEO Brand Masters

Living in Shenzhen since 2007, Meir is an Israeli super-entrepreneur with rich background in E-commerce and web marketing.

Since 2014 he’s been running an e-commerce training program and digital strategy consulting agency to help entrepreneurs and companies build brands and establish a presence in the online environment.

Recently Meir has co-founded, an innovative B2B platform helping Makers and online sellers create better products in less time.
Meet Meir At Cross Border

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Zack Franklin

CEO of AMZ Kung Fu

Zack has ran two multi-million dollar companies in the last year and has spoken across China about Marketing, Amazon, and Sales. He currently is the Founder and CEO of AMZ Kung Fu which is a marketing agency aimed to help Chinese sellers in Shenzhen increase their sales and take their business to the next level.

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Simon Lim

CEO & Managing Partner of GoRemitHK

Simon is CEO and Managing Partner of GoRemitHK, Global citizen, startup entrepreneur and growth hacker based in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.
He started his career in Hewlett Packard and Schlumberger as consulting engineer.

After moving to Hong Kong, he managed one of the leading New Zealand regulated FX trading platform in backoffice and compliance operation before starting GoRemitHK.

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Glenn Ball

General Manager & Partner Nogogo Online Groceries & US Co shop

Glenn has 25 plus years of Food & Beverage experience including as Executive Chef for Gambaro Family Restaurants Brisbane and has contributed to numerous Food Reviews in daily press as well as TV and other Media. He was 1 of the Chefs chosen in Australia for Barilla Pasta Cook Book. As well as physically cooking he has consulted on many large food projects and assisted in lease negotiations with

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Davide Nicolucci

Founder & Director Growth Hack Consulting HK

Davide Nicolucci is the founder of Growth Hack Consulting HK LTD as well as DJ and Music producer at Mystery Train Recordings and Music Production at DENNYCK.

He is a Growth Hacker, Digital Marketing Consultant, Amazon FBA Consultant, E-commerce Business Coach, Speaker at top E-Commerce Summit & Events in Asia and has been leading projects across Europe, United States and Asia for the past 10 years.

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